October 7, 2009


《尼罗河女儿》原名《王家的纹章》,讲述的是热爱考古学的现代美国女孩凯罗尔,由于挖掘古埃及王家的墓室而被女王爱西丝诅咒,跨越时间,返回古代埃及,与埃及王曼菲士相恋的故事。   做为男主人公的曼菲士,骄横、英明、聪慧、粗暴,既是名君又是暴君,这在当里是绝无仅有并且非常抢眼的。比起那时充斥少女漫画的大量英雄白脸小生,曼菲士元疑是健康而过激的,而他又生活在奴隶社会具备很鲜明的奴隶主性格,完全不懂什么叫自由、平等,喜欢就拿来,不服从就用抢的,完全是心理想要什么,就毫不忌讳毫不掩饰地用暴力去取得,是充满了本能意识的成行动派,这样的的人物虽然有着致命的魅力和吸引力,但也决定了他给予凯罗尔的爱不可能是站在平等立场上的爱,所以曼菲士虽能不惜开战、不惜牺牲生命搭救凯罗尔,却又对凯罗尔正常的心理反抗不能接受,还屡次逼婚逼嫁,想用暴力手段将她留在身边,完全不顾别人的感受。但可“可悲”的是——这也是细川知荣子了不起的地方——几乎所有的人都站在粗暴的曼菲士这边,每当凯罗尔逃走的时候大家就都巴不得她快些被曼菲士抓回去。

Finally, after all these years I can finish reading this story. I couldn't remembered when I first started, maybe it was between 1985 to 1987. But I did remembered I read it in class. Yup! At school, in between classes and every opportunity when the teachers weren't looking. Good old school days! One of my classmates brought the comic books to school and shared them with us. I didn't know that there were 53 books for the whole series at that time. All I remembered was there were a lot of them and everyone was fighting to read them. I loved those books so much. After finishing one, I hunt for another, then another.... and another.....However, I do not have the slightest idea why I didn't finish the whole series!
More than 20 years passed and 12 years in United States later (2008), my friends informed me that there is a website where I can read Chinese comic books online. That remind me of 尼罗河的女儿. I was so excited and went looking for it. Unfortunately, I'm not very good with computer and I couldn't get the system to work. A friend came to check on my desktop and helped me with the download. It worked for a while after that, then it died on me again. Gosh! That was frustrating! I finally gave up.
Last week, I came across this amazing website http://www.kangdm.com/comic/2762/#js and I'm in heaven! I don't need to download anything, all I have to do is go to the website and enjoy reading. No hassle!

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