January 6, 2010

Facebook Games


Ever play these games on facebook? Don't start, if you do, you will get hooked and never want to stop. I started the games when my friend sent me the invitations and since then I have been playing them everyday like they are part of my daily chores.
Farmville, a game where you own a farm, you plant seeds, buy animals, plant trees and decorate it with all the gadgets you can buy when you earn enough farmville coints or farmville dollars. When you have managed to make enough money, you will move to the next level. In every level you will have new things to buy and plant. Once you reached a certain level you can expand your farm. In order to expand your farm, you either buy the land with the farmville dollars (which is very very hard to earn) or you simply request your facebook friends who play the same game to be your farmville neighbors. The more neighbors you have the bigger you are allowed to expand your farm. As I was crazy looking for neighbors, I found a lot of my long lost friends from high school, college and old workplaces. That was the best thing that happened since I have a facebook account. One thing bad about Farmville is that you have to play the game everyday, unless you do not plant any seed. If you do the seeds will grow and turn bad :(
ZooWorld, where you own a zoo, you buy animals, hire zookeepers, buy animal hospitals and bredding houses, hire vets, buy kiosk, hire kiosk managers and hire maintainance managers. You can also buy gadgets to help you earn zoo money and wildlife points. Everyday you will visit all the zoos of your facebook friends to make money. There is a treasure box hidding in one of the animal's cage for you to find each day and you are to shake all the trees in each zoo as each tree contain zoo money. Each level there is a achievement box for you to follow in order to get to the next level. The beauty of ZooWorld is you don't have to play the game if you are busy or decided to take a break, nothing will happen to it and the zoo will remain the same.
There you have it, the facebook games that I'm crazy about. A lot of my friends had invited me to play the Cafe World and I'm still thinking about it. According to them it is a real fun game! Well, got to see if I have enough time to waste or not....hahaha.....